Have Some Family Fun at Hillside Bowl: The Top-Rated Bowling Alley in the Cicero, Illinois Area

Have Some Family Fun at Hillside Bowl: The Top-Rated Bowling Alley in the Cicero, Illinois Area

Bowling Alley in Cicero, IllinoisTired of being cooped up in the house? Hoping to get your spouse and kids out for a bit of family fun? If so, Hillside Bowl is a family-friendly place where you can all get together for some fun and laughter.

Hillside Bowl is the top-rated bowling alley in the Cicero, Illinois area, and as such, we have a variety of fun activity to participate in at our facility. Are you wondering what these include? We are going to discuss below.

Kick Back in Our Lounge

Looking for a laid-back good time? If so, you are more than welcome to come kick back in our lounge. It has quite a bit to offer, including the following:

Have Some Drinks

It’s no secret that life can be tough. If you want to unwind and enjoy an alcoholic beverage while you’re here, you are more than welcome to do so. Our bar serves a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, ranging from beers to liquor beverages and more. Regardless of you and your family’s drinking preferences, we should have something you can enjoy.

Enjoy a Meal

Not only can you enjoy drinks in our lounge, but a wide selection of food as well. Our in-house restaurant, Rickette’s Restaurant, offers a vast menu that has everything from appetizers to entrees to desserts and more. Regardless of what you’d like to eat, you can order it at Rickette’s and bring it back to our lounge to enjoy.

Watch Some TV

Maybe you’re looking to catch a specific sporting event? Perhaps you want to watch a holiday special? Maybe you just want to watch the news, weather, or some random TV show or movie? Regardless, you will have the opportunity to do so in our lounge. It contains an array of HDTVs, and they show a varied selection of television programming.

Have Fun with a Range of Exciting Activities

Are you hoping to add a little more excitement to your family outing? If so, you might consider engaging in some of our exciting activities instead. As the top-rated bowling alley in the Cicero, Illinois area, we offer a variety of activities to engage in, which include the following:


Bowling is undoubtedly our main attraction. Our facility contains 36 lanes, all of which come equipped with automatic scorekeeping machines and bumper capabilities for bowlers who are under the age of eight. Whether you and your family have bowled in the past or have never stepped foot in a bowling alley, you’re more than welcome to come in and give the sport a try. We’re open to both recreational and competitive bowlers.


Not only do we offer bowling, but billiards as well. Regardless of your and your family’s pool experience levels, you are more than welcome to try it out. Our tables are first come, first served, and they are open to players of all ages.

Taking in the Atmosphere

At Hillside Bowl, you also have the option to just take in the vibe. We go out of our way to create a fun and fulfilling atmosphere for our guests. Not only do we play great music over a top-of-the-line sound system at certain hours of the night, but we also show fun and exciting lights. You and your family can feel free to sing, dance, tap your toes, and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Looking for the Top-Rated Bowling Alley in the Cicero, Illinois Area?

Are you ready to plan a fun family outing? If so, and if you’re looking to visit to the top-rated bowling alley in the Cicero, Illinois area, you’ve come to the right place — Hillside Bowl is the place to go.

Contact us today at (708) 449-5350 to reserve your lanes.

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