Office party at a bowling alley venue in the Maywood, Illinois areaHoping to build up the morale of your work team? Want to get everyone out of the workplace for a bit of fun? If you’re looking to organize an office party in the Maywood, Illinois area, you should plan it at Hillside Bowl. Our bowling alley in Maywood area is perfectly equipped to host work parties and company outings of all kinds. With a variety of activities for guests of all ages to partake in, we’re ready to show your company a good time. Read below to learn what our Maywood area bowling alley has to offer.

Children's bowling birthday party venue in Cicero, IllinoisDoes your child have a birthday coming up? Maybe you want to bring your Cicero kid’s soccer team together for an end-of-year celebration? In any case, if you’re looking to have a kid’s party, you should have it here at Hillside Bowl. We offer a variety of activities for kids to participate in, and they are sure to have a blast. Are you interested in learning more about what we can bring to a kid’s party in Cicero? We’re going to discuss the specifics below.

Rolling a bowling ball down a laneIs your life is starting to feel monotonous? Are you tired of the same routine of wake up, work, sleep, and repeat? If so, you’re probably looking to give yourself a bit of a jolt. The question is: how? One option is to join a bowling league. Bowling leagues are beneficial in a number of ways, and by joining one, you could very well add some spice to your life. Are you curious about the benefits of joining a bowling league in Hillside, Illinois? We’re going to review them below!

company-team-building-bowling-event-ciceroWhen it comes to managing a successful company, team morale is of utmost importance. For this reason, it’s beneficial to hold team building events from time to time. Looking for a solid venue where you could hold a team building event? If so, and if you’re in the Cicero, Illinois area, you should come to Hillside Bowl. Our facility is loaded with fun activities. Regardless of your preferences, you’re sure to have a great time. Interested in learning more about our facility? Read on for more information!


Does your child have a birthday coming up? If so, he or she is undoubtedly excited about the occasion. As such, you’ll probably want to celebrate by doing something special.

The question is: how should you celebrate your child’s birthday? While you have a number of options available to you, we would suggest having a bowling party at Hillside Bowl.

We have a number of activities for kids to enjoy, plus a selection of party packages to simplify the process and help ease the load financially. Learn more by reading below!

office-bowling-party-ciceroIs the office getting a little restless? Looking to treat your Cicero employees to a good time? If so, you should consider stopping by Hillside Bowl in Hillside, Illinois. Our facility offers a range of fun activities, and it’s sure to bring enjoyment to everyone in your group. Wondering what we have to offer? We’re going to discuss the specifics below.

family-bowling-night-hillside-bowlTrying to get your Cicero family out of the house for a while? Hoping to have a little get-together with your kids or grandchildren? Regardless of what the case may be, if you’re looking to have some family fun, Hillside Bowl is the place to do so. The premier bowling center in Hillside, Illinois, we offer a number of activities for our visitors to enjoy. Read below to see what we have to offer!

bowling-party-oak-brookAre you and your co-workers hoping to let off some steam outside of work? Looking for a place to do so in Oak Brook, Illinois? If so, Hillside Bowl is the place for you. As Hillside’s premier entertainment center, we provide tons of activities for our guests to partake in. Wondering what exactly your office can do in our facility? Read on for more information!

holiday-bowling-party-hillside-bowlLooking to get your co-workers, friends or family together for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s? Need a fun place to congregate? If so, you should consider Hillside Bowl in Hillside, Illinois. Our facility is perfectly suited for holiday parties, offering a wide variety of activities for both kids and adults to partake in. Curious as to what you can do at our facility? Read below to find out!

bar-drinks-football-hillsideDo you have any plans on Monday night? Looking for a great place to watch Monday Night Football? If you live in or around Hillside, Illinois, you might consider Hillside Bowl, the area’s premier bowling alley and entertainment center. Characterized by an exciting environment and lined with an endless series of HDTVs, our facility is perfectly equipped to host Monday Night Football. Find out what else we have to offer by reading below!

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